Thursday, April 25th     

Welcome to Knox Air Photo!

If your job requires aerial photography or an aerial platform, give Knox Air Photo a call.  We provide our own still photographer or you can provide your own.  If you need video, please provide the videographer and equipment.

We use a Schweizer 300C helicopter.  This machine is a photographer’s dream machine.  The 300C is an affordable, reliable, roomy helicopter. When configured for photo missions, the 300C’s spacious interior provides ample storage for motion picture gear, large format gyro-stabilized cameras and other gear. Typically we remove our doors for photo missions which provides remarkable visibility.

We have a range exceeding 300 miles.  If necessary we can be on station for over 3 hours.  We have a maximum cockpit weight of 600 lbs, which must include our 240lb pilot.  On hot days, when other light helicopters are unable to maneuver to meet your demands of altitude and airspeed, the 300C’s power and maneuverability will get the job done.

Our pilot has experience supporting photo personnel, professional and amateur. We are familiar with the demands of aerial photography, and will meet your schedule to ensure optimal lighting conditions. We will not compromise safety, but we will put you where you need to be to get the shot.

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